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Deep Web sites: Whenever you don’t have an idea about something, you would like to search in web browser i.e Google or any other browser. It may be any kind of info, Google search engine will automatically detect the origin and destination location easily. The communication that a web does for your search is beyond your imagination. All the websites that come across your search are authorized by search Engine. But there were some websites which hide their identity. Even Google search engine cannot find those Deep web sites and Dark web. According to the latest survey, it is proven that only 4% of Dark web links are evident to public and rest of 96% are invisible. I think you have not come across any Deep websites or dark web links till today. So the point Deep web sites or Deep web links or Dark web might be looking new. Don’t get worried as I am here today to provide all the information regarding these Deep web sites.

What is meant by Deep websites or Dark web?

Deep web sites are something prominent one which you can nevermore guess.  It is hidden and a dark shade of the internet whose list of contents cannot be listed by any existing or additional search engines. This dark shade of internet is termed as a Deep web which no one can access easily. Dark web is a subset of Deep web sites. Google search engine has failed to find all the Dark web links as is not a simple job to get it. Accessing Dark web links using a normal web browser is highly an impossible task until and unless you know the tactics. But there were some web browsers that could reveal the dark web links called Tor browser, I2P or Freenet. Compared to deep web sites, the dark web is very smaller and which is used by different websites for selling drugs, weapons, blasting materials, hiring assassins and much more.

History of the Deep web:

You might be willing to know the evolution of Deep web sites. Right? Well. I have bought the truth behind Deep web for your notice. It is all started in the year 2000 after U.S. Naval have found the Tor project. From that day it has become the best server that helped the users in surfing things easily and stood as the no- profit company. Bitcoin is the digital currency that was released in the year 2009. It stood behind deep web sites by helping in selling and buying products using these deep webs.

Many deals have been done using bitcoin for several years. But in the incident of ‘silk roads’, the relationship between deep web and bitcoin has been unveiled. The person behind those digital currency link was arrested. However deep web will never get affect due to this because there were no proofs for the existence of those sites. Only Tor is able to identify those deep web sites and the relationship between Tor and deep web is always good.

What does Deep Web Sites include?

We know that something deep content might be included with Deep web sites. In fact, there were many people who do conversations using the deep web to discuss their business activities. Deep web manages their content in such a way that any search engine cannot index the matter posted on those websites. Here is the list of some topics which were included in Deep Web Sites.

  • Anonymous sellers market the copied or hacked credit cards and create a new list of fraud company without being caught by any search engines.
  • Platform for selling Organic weeds and even weapons are also available on deep web links.
  • Dark web is the terrace for people to publish content about child spirits from miscarriages and abortions.
  • Betting on some events like ICC or any other events will be processed by using Deep web links.
  • Fake Passports are sold by the deep web site holders @ 980$.
  • Deep webs are used by Journalists to exchange information privately while dealing with different issues.
  • Deep web links are used for sharing photos of stillborn kids that could be much disturbing for visitors.
  • The human leather is used for preparing fancy products and those products are published secretly through a deep/ dark web.
  • JavaScript that has been enabled on your device can be used by hackers to get the details of all your passwords that you type.

Why are Deep Web sites are not indexed?

Deep Web Sites cannot be easily accessed by any user dealing with a normal browser. As there were a number of loops behind the Deep Web Sites, they will not be visible to the public directly. There were many reasons behind the invisibility of Deep Web Site. I have enclosed some reasons for the invisibility of Deep/ Dark web.

  • These Web Sites contain illegal data that is against the terms and conditions.
  • People who want to visit different content may like to stay anonymous and these websites help people to stay unidentified.
  • Image or videos posted on these web links are protected to stay away from penalties.
  • These are the private web pages that protect your passwords and other information from traffic analysis.
  • Due to the presence of scripted content, these links can be accessed by Javascript only.
  • Wayback machines help them to check the archived websites that are not indexed by Google. These web pages help the users of Deep web links to publish their content and advertise them.

Is it Safe to surf Deep websites?

When these Deep Web Sites contain a lot of unindexable content, people may not show much interest to use it. Moreover, a questionnaire starts in their brain that makes you know whether browsing content on Deep Web Sites is safe or not? It is important to know about safety and the risks included with deep web sites before browsing them. It is safe to browse Deep web sites until and unless you go through the prohibited content. Not only prohibited sites, there were many other Deep or Dark web that posts the information regarding weapons, guns etc. Browsing such things is not an illegal thing. But using the illegal products by purchasing them is an illegal and unsafe act.

Remember one thing, browsing any content or information on Deep web sites is not an illegal thing unless you try to do things illegally. These web sites can be used for surfing the information required for you but no one has the right to make it unsafe by going through unofficial acts. If you try to buy weapons or things on illegal deep web links, then it means that you are doing something. It is always safe to surf Deep web sites without any fear unless you perform illegal orders on them.

Is deep web site fake or real?

As you have not come across deep web sites does not mean that they do not exist. I have already stated that these websites are created for illegal works mostly. So no one will come at your door front and show you the origin of deep web sites. Child porn is the best example that everyone might have heard. Prohibited content also come under deep web where people publish it without addressing anyone for making money. Not only child porn, there were many other illegal things like selling/ buying sandalwood deals, stillborn baby photo sharing, weapons etc. When you have observed these many web sites you cannot think that deep web sites are fake. People who are much interested in buying the things on those deep web sites will make use of different browsers to stay anonymous. Tor is the high rated anonymous browser used by people to hide their identity easily.

How to locate Deep web Sites?

You might be thinking that it would be a tough task to locate Deep web sites as they were not even found on Google Search Engine. I said that Google Search Engine cannot find the Deep Web sites as they were designed in such a way. But a normal user can easily locate deep web site if you are aware of tips and tricks to access Deep Web Sites. It is not easy to find the Deep Web Sites using Google Browser directly. You need to have an another browser that could help you to stay anonymous like Tor browser. It is the best browser till today that can easily access all the onion links. Using Tor Browser can help you to locate Deep Web Sites but you need to deal it carefully to keep your device safe from unsafe links.

  • In order to Locate Deep Web Sites, you need to install Tor Browser. Click here to install Tor Browser for your Device.
  • Download Tor file for your device and tap on install button.
  • Check out the instructions carefully and go through the points listed over there regarding Tor Browser.
  • Wait for the completion of Tor Browser installation and tap on the browser once you are don with installing it for your device.
  • Open the Tor browser and check out the Deep web links by using Tor.

Using a Tor Browser cannot make your privacy secured. You need to check out Advanced VPN services that disclose your identity by hiding your address from the traffic analysis. If you are listening VPN for the first time then you need to check out the importance of VPN for Deep web sites.

What is a VPN?

VPN is the short form of Virtual Private Network that adds privacy and security to the private, public networks when you are working under internet and wifi hotspots.  VPN’s are used by people to stay anonymous and browse safely without being identified by others. Whenever you try to search something on the internet, you will find many interesting things. But the thing is all the web links that you watch will be tracked with the help of your IP address. If you trying to access Deep Web Sites without changing your VPN then you will be blocked and may face many problems further. Check out the VPN’s available on the internet and choose the suitable one for your device.

Should I run VPN to get Dark/ Deep web sites access?

Yes, you have to run VPN in order to access Dark/ deep web sites. Changing VPN of your device can impact the IP address. Your IP address can easily be traced by Traffic analysis. Information that you search on your device with different networks will be caught by the traffic analysis and can ruin your device if you do illegal things on the web. Though you install different web browsers on your device, running VPN is much important to surf Deep Web Sites privately.

Need for browsing Dark Web links Securely?

We might have come across many websites in our day to day lives. But we might have never gone through security issues as we are not aware of these Deep Web sites. There were a number of Deep web sites that threaten the security of the internet users by enabling Java scripts based ads on Google browser. The deep web is the home address for a number of sites that run by keeping anonymity as a key factor.  One who wants to stay anonymous should browse dark web links securely.

To browse deep web links securely, you need to have a safe browser like Tor Onion browser. Using Tor browser cannot guarantee your safety unless you setup VPN. This helps in hiding your IP address from the nearest servers. You can get a VPN directly from the internet for some amount. If you trying to use the deep web links for the first time then you can go with Hidden Wiki links. Buy the best VPN’s to stay anonymous and avoid security issues easily.

What are Deep Web Links?

Deep web links are the website links of Dark web that cannot be easily accessed by any browser other than Tor. The deep web is something big which you can never imagine. All the illegal links or sometimes legal but secret links are created for personal or business usage. Deep web, web net, web links are the most common search recorded. But none of the search engines proved the origin of those web links and their destination. Tor is only the browser that can be used to find the deep web links easily. Install Tor browser for your device and start streaming content on deep web links.

How to Stay Anonymous?

In order to browse Deep web sites privately, you need to stay anonymous. Staying anonymous is much easier after installation of Tor browser on your device. Setup VPN and make your IP address invisible for the nearest server by creating a new circuit server with the help of Tor Browser. Handling the things safely can make you work easier and you will be able to use any websites without making your identity visible. I have been discussing from the beginning but I did not provide any information regarding Tor browser. I will disclose few things regarding Tor browser for the sake of newbies.

What is Tor Browser/ Tor Project?

Tor is the best anonymous browser that allows you to browse any content safely without revealing the identity of the user. Tor Project is the acronym of original software called Onion router. Tor uses different circuit network to relay thousands of server networks from being hacking the user’s location. Your search history is not secure as all the content which we search various on internet browsers like Google, Yahoo etc without knowing that someone is looking our activity. By using Tor browser for your device, your source and the destination will be blocked and no one can look at your device location. Tor Browser is mostly used to access Deep websites in order to stay anonymous.

Can I create a new Deep web?

Yes, you can create a new Deep web sites/ dark web. Creating a deep web site involves many tough tasks to be accomplished. If you try to use create a deep web site for illegal activities then you have to get ready for the risks you come across. It is a bit difficult job to create a new deep web site so most of the people do not keep much effort to create unless they are doing something secretly.

How to login Deep web?

You can log on to Deep web sites with the help of any browser that keep your identity anonymous. I have already discussed the best browser called Tor browser that helps you in staying anonymous. Install Tor browser for your device and enjoy using to login Deep web sites. Make sure that your IP address is under your control but not under traffic analysis servers.

Deep web Hacking Tutorial:

Many people will love hacking some other devices in order to make fun of them. But there were many hackers on the Globe who even hack your devices for making money. Deep web hacking is much different to these normal hacking, it is the next level of making proxy things using the dark web. If you are aware of the surface web then you can surf deep web sites without installing Tor browser. All the information regarding deep web sites can be obtained by Surface web and then you can directly deal with dark web links. You will find a number of hackers on the Surface web and they will help you in getting access to deep web links.

Who will use deep web sites?

Most probably deep sites will be used by the persons who are willing to do illegal things using the internet. Records state that people who are dealing with drugs and the medically based product will use the deep web sites commonly. It is not that only people committed to illegal activities will only surf deep web sites but also normal people will try to do. To gain the knowledge regarding deep web sites some people will browse deep web links using Tor browser. But it is not easy to find who are browsing for knowledge purpose and who are browsing for illegal purposes.

What is Surface web?

I think you might have got confused with the term Surface web. It is quite opposite to deep web sites. Well, don’t worry I am giving clear information regarding Surface web here. Surface web is nothing but a visible web which everyone can easily identify. It is otherwise termed as Index web or Lightnet. Don’t come to a conclusion that all the deep web content is visible because Surface web can only offer 4% of the information. The surface web allows viewing very less content that is available to the public Surface web can easily search some content and make it public.

Tips for Deep web users:

  • Never trust people on Deep web sites until and unless the other one is much familiar one.
  • Make sure that you VPN is protected with Tor before you access Deep web sites.
  • Whenever you start using deep web sites, don’t forget to cover your webcam.
  • Turn “NoScript on” and check “forbid script Globally” option which is seen in the extensions bar of Tor browser. Do perform this before you check out Deep web links.
  • Type “About Configure” in the address box and disable javascript by tapping on a false button. Do perform this only if you care for your safety.
  • Never try to use  Deep web sites without a VPN because Traffic analysis can catch up your IP address easily unless you add VPN.

The 6th Global Focal Point Conference on Asset Recovery in New Delhi stated that Interpol officers have been assigned to focus on corruption and all the crimes that are going on under the name of Dark web and bitcoin. Though the man behind bitcoin got arrested in the past, their journey is still continuing with these deep web sites. The main theme of Dark web is, no one can find the number of dark web links that have been already established. It is true because no one reveals all the web links that easily. Hope you have got the best information regarding Deep web sites. Write us if you want to share anything regarding deep web sites.