Middle Earth Market Place

Middle Earth Market Place has started as a small-scale shop and has grown to one of the most reputed marketplaces on Dark Net. Since in today’s technology, nobody cares what you are buying. If anyone asks where did you get the new product all you need to say is “I have a connect”. This site has an interesting feature to turn Javascript on or off allegedly increasing invisibility. writing this, there are about 6.9 thousand listing, over 5 thousand of which are drug related, marketing this one of the larger-scale drug marketplaces.

Middle Earth is another marketplace in the world of DNMs. They contain the usual DNM fare for drugs, weapons, fraud items, and accounts for online service.

Middle Earth Marketplace Down or Up: Dead

User Guide URL: None

Drugs Listings – 5209
Total Listings – 6918

The step by step process for registration is as follows:

User Name: – *******

Password: – ******

and there will be a Captcha verification, as many other marketplaces. A set of List is shown in separate fields with each of them having their image, vendor name and 5 star-based reputations, title and price have shown immediately and a short description is seen by clicking on them. The whole site has an unusual appearance since most of the sites on Dark Net are built simple and making them easy to migrate.

If you want to try business on Middle Earth marketplace, you should use some bitcoins and a third party wallet, which means you will have to provide a security code for your wallet.

Middle Earth Marketplace URL:


Middle Earth marketplace has a smooth and user-friendly interface, not as any other marketplace on the dark web.

How to Buy from Middle Earth Market Place?

Make sure to read this guide before proceeding. It’s important to understand each and every step in order to buy a product in Middle Earth Market  Place.

After setting up your account make sure that your account is secure and safe before making any purchase. As soon as you open your page click on your username on the top right to navigate you profile page. On the left sidebar click ‘Settings’. You can see a text box which is used to paste your public PGP key in so vendors can contact you easier and we can set up a two-factor authentication. paste your key, make sure it’s all there and click ‘Update Profile’.

Now choose what to buy and choose to see prices in BTC, USD, EUR or GBP and search by country and you should always look at the vendor before making an order. Now hopefully you’ve decided what to order and now add funds to your wallet. Now it’s time to order your product by checking all the details. You can also cancel your order after ordering and you track your order. Your order will be delivered a week later of order.

Hopefully, this article gives a brief information about the Middle Earth marketplace. There is much more to Middle Earth than what this article covers, but that’s for you to figure out. Thank You.

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