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Nucleus Market was a darknet operated as a hidden service in the gate network, which involves illegal drugs and counterfeit money. It accepts a payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Darkcoin and Litecoin. Since the fall of the competitor evolution in March 2015, Nucleus has become the second largest Darkest market after Agora.

Nucleus Market was been around since 2014, has been grown one of the biggest darknet markets on the dark web. The marketplace is home to vendors selling a wide assortment of goods online like drugs, electronics, jewellery etc.. The site has been very well regarded by customers and vendors. check each and every detail about Nucleus Market from below.

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Nucleus is a standard security market that has existed for some time in the Dark Net. It differs from other markets is that it accepts a payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Darkcoin and Litecoin. With its 18 thousand listings it is among the top 3 biggest marketplaces on the Dark Net and over 11 thousand of those listings are drugs and drug related items.

Drug Listings – 22567

Total Listings – 32962

You should be alert that there are an extremely large amount of hashing sites targeting Nucleus users, which can be seen from various posts or Nucleus’ subreddit. The step by step process for registration is as follows

User Name: – *******

Password: – ******

and there will be a Captcha verification, as many other marketplaces. Listings are shown in separate fields with each of them having their image, vendor name and 5 star-based reputations, title and price have shown immediately and a short description is seen by clicking on them.

Take note that their customer support is said to be bit slow which can hassle you if you need their response immediately.

Nucleus Market Sub-Reddit:

Nucleus Market Down or Up: Dead

  • Nucleus has monitored for around 2 years and 10 months.
  • Nucleus market Last Online was around 10920 hours ago.
  • Nucleus Uptime was 94.51%.
  • Nucleus Market Forums
  • Registration – Open
  • Commission – 4%
  • Vendor Fee – Free
  • Multisig – No
  • 2fa – Allowed
  • FE Allowed – Yes

Nucleus market site was hacked or the admins have performed an exit scam. While it’s too early to tell about Nucleus will come back or not, a hypothesis is running rife on the web and even if Nucleus come back, some users and vendors have already moved to other marketplaces.

Nucleus market may also be under a sustained DDoS attack or have been compromised in some other way by hackers. This may be the work of other competitor sites, law enforcement, or even just jackers who are bored and looking for a challenge.

Another more shocking news is that administrators of the Nucleus Market have been arrested by the Law enforcement or escaped. A year ago, when darknet markets administrators have been arrested, the site itself has been seized by the authorities and an information is sent to site visitors about what actually happened. It could also be that law enforcement is in the process of taking over the site from administrators, and when it returns online again they will go after the big sellers of illegal goods and services.

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