Tor Browser Best Private internet Browser To Access Deep Web

Tor Browser: Tor Browser is the best private web browser available till date. Which is the most common browser do you use? Of course, maximum of the people would answer that Google is their most commonly preferred web browser. On the other side, there were some people who use internet explorer, Yahoo, Bing and many other web browsers. You might not have been aware of what these web browsers do behind you. All the information which you browse using any one of the browsers stated above can mark your IP address. Sometimes when you use deep websites, you will be identified easily with the help of IP address. People who are aware of these issues will try to check the best private web browser which could hide their profile. Is there any such private web browser? Yes. Tor Browser is the best private web browser that can hide your account and allows you to browse deep web sites.

What is Tor Browser?

Tor is secret Internet browser specially designed for people who want to browse things privately. It can hide your identity without getting recognized by any particular website for browsing them. Tor browser software will protect you by dismissing your discussions containing a dispersed network of transfers run by different volunteers around the globe. We are surrounded by the world of techies and hackers. It is easy to hack your device without any notice. Even you might not be able to know that someone could look up you with the help of IP address. In such cases, Tor browser can help you to a higher range in hiding your profile from other websites.

Features of Tor Browser:

Tor can hide your Internet traffic and encrypts all data by skipping over a range of networks. Tor is open software network that has tied with you to protect upon a form of network surveillance that endangers your personal freedom, secrecy, hidden trading project, and bonds. Only features of Tor Browser can give you the whole idea regarding this amazing browser.

Availability: People might think that being a content blocker browser, it might not support all devices. But it is not true in the case of Tor browser as it is available for Linux, Windows of any operating system including Mac.

Encrypted date: Generally all other browsers mark your IP address where in the case of Tor Browser everything will be confidential. All the data regarding your IP address will be encrypted before you connect to an internet server.

Anonymous: The best feature in Tor browser is it can make your identity unavailable. You will be able to use any websites like an anonymous person. No one can find your identity when you choose to move with deep web sites.

Multiple Languages: To remove the language wall, Tor Browser is designed in such a way that people living all over the country can make use of it.

Tor Browser download
Tor Browser download

Why should I use Tor Browser?

Tor browser is otherwise called as “Onion Browser”, as it hacks all the traffic like the sheets of onion and makes your identity unknown. Whenever you use deep websites, “traffic analysis” will catch up your data and sometimes you will be blocked to use those sites. Traffic analysis can expose your unknown web data whichever you have browsed. It means your origin plus target of organic traffic can easily be traced. People who are worried about their web privacy will surely use Tor Browser to hid his/ her IP address. Using Tor Browser will help you in covering your entity from the other websites before you connect to them. There were many people who like to hit dark websites by hiding their identity but unfortunately Google and many similar browsers cannot help you in hiding your profile. The best private web browser called Tor Browser is only the solution for those people.

How to download Tor Browser?

Tor Browser can be downloaded and installed on your device by using any one of the two methods stated here.

By using Email: Being a private web browser everything would be performed confidentially. You could find many options to download Tor browser if you browse on the internet. But the true link can be obtained by sending a mail to the Tor project dealers. Mail your requirement for download and installation of Tor browser on your device at Tor developers will respond to your mail soon and send you Tor browser download link attached with Tor information file.

By using Twitter: Generally, people go with email method instead of choosing Twitter. However, you can even install Tor browser by using the Twitter method. Send a direct message stating your requirement for the installation of Tor browser for your device at @get_tor. Tor team will message you the download link as soon as they check out your message. All the Tor lovers and download the Tor browser from the link provided here.

Download Tor Browser for free

Working of Tor Browser:

Basically, whenever you try to find some information on a web browser, you will find two ends for the communication. The content which you search will be sent to the DNS server from your IP address and then your browser will carry yours call to the corresponding server of that IP address. In this process, your IP address can easily be notified of the source and the other address as the destination.

When you start using Tor browser, you should make it known to the nearest internet servers. Then the server will identify you and picks your TOR nodes to create a circuit on your server. By this, your source and destination cannot be tracked by any hackers. After building a circuit, you can exchange any information with other as before. The circuit linking will be changed automatically to keep your IP address unidentified. Using Tor browser you can always stay anonymous.

Limitations of Tor Browser:

It is quite common to have limitations for any browser which you prefer to use. These limitations state that the user cannot go beyond the restrictions laid by Tor Browser.

Compressed speed network: Whenever you browse using Tor browser, it should send your request from the source server to the destination server. So it takes some more time to respond to your request.

Google Chrome against Tor: Due to the terms and conditions of Google, it always shows you verify through Captcha. So avoid using Google Chrome when you have downloaded Tor browser for your device.

Restricted to watch Flash-based videos: Usage of flash plugins on your device can destroy your anonymity. So people who are interested in hiding their address cannot watch Flash player based videos using Tor browser.

Privacy is only for Browsing: As I have stated above Tor will help you in staying anonymous by hiding your IP address. But this happens only when you browse different websites. If you are using any sort of apps on your device using Tor, it can unhide your anonymity.

Is it legal to use Tor Browser?

Tor browser is a legal browser which can hide all your data like IP address from the servers by blocking it. Being a good server, some people are turning it into bad by using it for unethical things. If you choose to use Tor browser for illegal things then it is illegal to use Tor Browser. This private browser will never harm your device until and unless you go unethical. So use Tor browser for good cause and stay safe with Tor.

The expectation of Tor Browser for Tomorrow:

Every developer does things to meet the needs of the user. Similarly, Tor project has come up with the best private browser that could make your identity unavailable. As the features of this fantastic browser attract everyone, the craze for Tor browser will always be high. I suggest the reader try Tor browser and share your experience here.

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